My name is Dotty Kelley, and I'm the founder of Scentral Blends.  I've had a fascination with the healing power of plants since childhood, and I also carried a strong desire to nurture others.  As a Registered Nurse I enjoy helping others in their journey to restore health.

Interestingly, it was my own health challenge that inspired me to start this whole thing . . . . . .

During a particularly painful season of sinus problems, I discovered the therapeutic benefits of inhaling essential oils.  Modern medicine of antibiotics and steroids was giving me no relief, so I decided to experiment with other alternatives.  I was already using tea tree oil in my home for its antibiotic properties and also had some interest in rosemary.  I soon discovered the soothing effects of peppermint and lavender and decided to combine these essential oils to make a synergistic blend. 

Inhaling the steam from a bowl of hot water infused with essential oils (with a towel over my head) did wonders for my sinuses!  Unfortunately this therapy wasn’t one I could indulge in at work, and was a bit time consuming and messy.  So, I set out to find a way to make my aroma therapy more user friendly and portable.  After much trial and error, I found just what I needed in an inhaler device.  I was so pleased with my discovery that I shared it with friends, and I was soon making inhalers for them too.  I received many requests and suggestions, several formulas emerged, and Aroma RockIt was born! 

We are very excited to offer you these unique, all natural products and hope you will enjoy

the therapeutic benefits they can bring.  We love to hear about your experiences,

so feel free to email us.  Scentral Blends looks forward to

developing more products, so check back

on our website from time to time

and see what’s new.

Many thanks to everyone who helped develop

and promote these awesome products!

Wishing you all the best of health,

Dotty Kelley, RN

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